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A tiny garden of wonders

Taking a break from the fast-life

This garden bed was created by the students of the MiM specialization "Marketing for sustainable models" with the support of Natwork (founded by two EMBA alumni).Through this project, the students discovered the concepts of permaculture and permanagement (an analogy created by Natwork). They had the opportunity to go from theory to practice and to implement the key learnings of the day. 

The students chose a set of complementary plants that strive outdoors, in sunny places,  but that needs to be sheltered from the wind. The positioning of the garden bed, is thus ideal since it's placed on a terrace of the Paris Republique Campus of ESCP.


Regarding the alarming facts about the globe, we are responsible to take our own actions and raise awareness of other people to transform our lifestyles in a more sustainable way. 

In addition, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity. It is urgent to accomplish the goals and thus to support the needs of the present and future generations by 2030.​

Marketing for sustainable models is a brand new specialization for M2 students in the MIM Program.

Designed to reinvent marketing visions and practices to become real contributors to the global response facing environmental and social threats.

To start this amazing journey, our beloved professor Julien Schmitt organized for us a very exciting induction day with Natwork to help us reconnect with nature.This workshop gave the students the key concepts on permaculture and permanagement but also served as a real team building tool. Now, they are all ready to start the semester !



Image-1 (1).jpeg

What is permaculture ?


​Permaculture is an innovative approach to culture that aims to create self-sufficient and sustainable ecosystems. It can improve resilience to environmental changes, maintaining soil efficiency and reducing costs. It is based on 3 core ethics, earth care, people care and fair share.

What is permanagement ?


Permanagement is a translation of permaculture to management. It explains how to apply the permaculture principles and ethics to the management sphere to create a better future.

It’s a managerial framework aiming to support organizational and cultural changes. It aims at fostering #sustainability, #resilience, #well-being, and #innovation of any type of groups and organizations. ​



Regarding the composition of the soil, three layers have been chosen. 

One third of the permabed is filled with clay beads (terra cotta) for aeration and moisture.


Two thirds are filled with terreau.

Finally, dead leaves were put on the top to cover the soil, nourishing and protecting plants during cold days.

Image-3 (1).jpeg

Terra cotta also constitutes a watering solution. As a porous material, they allow water to be retained longer  so the soil can stay humid in a balanced way.

gouttelettes bleues

The students also decided on a watering repartition between them and thought of a way to  keep a track.

Plant Associations &



After an analysis of the characteristics of each plant available, the students found the ideal combination:

  • Lavender

  • Rudbeckia

  • Oregano

  • Lemon balm 

All these plants have common characteristics and needs, in terms of: water, soil fertility, and humidity. 

Lavender and lemon balm have been put far from each other in the pot because lemon balm tends to struggle when put next to lavender. They also eliminated basil because it usually does not survive when under cold temperatures. 

The garden Beds

  • Made in France, Douglas Imputricide

  • Recycled pallet wood

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