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Nyenrode For a Greener Future

A Permacultural Ecosystem, a Permanagement Experience

As part of our MBA Experience at ESCP we were challenged to create a Totem to represent climate change and the role we want to play as responsible leaders.  Our Totem was built up from left to right  representing the past, present, future of  our leadership and the impact we want to make on the world. 

P1 - Paris Campus Experience MIM Digital Transformation Understand, Contribute, Manage Pro
Totem 2.jpg



Permaculture is a systemic framework and scientific approach taking the #nature as a model.


It aims to create and #protect #ecosystems

in order to develop #resilience and #regeneration.


Permaculture is a holistic approach based on 3 Core Ethics (the purpose) and 12 Design Principles (the guidelines).

Permanagement is a managerial framework aiming to support organizational and cultural changes.


It aims to foster #sustainability, #resilience, #well-being and #innovation of any types of groups and organizations.


It is based on 3 Ethics and 12 Management Principles translated from Permaculture and applied to business and people management. To know more about Permanagement, click here.

For this first workshop the students worked on the following principles:

  • Permanagement Principle -" Understand your (work) Ecosystem" / Permaculture Principle - "Observe and Interact"

  • Permanagement Principle - "Include & Think Collectively" / Permaculture Principle - "Integrate rather than Segregate"

A session with Natwork is composed of a situational Permanagement workshop with team exercices and then a Permaculture workshop (with gloves and boots) functioning  as a proof of concept (through the observation/creation of the nature and ecosystems)

As well, The creation of the garden bed are a metaphor and a symbol of the student transformational journey.

ESCP / Nyenrode MBA


We were divided into three self-organizing teams working on design, planting and representation of the content.

The design team worked on creating a plan based on a brainstorm session for painting, carving, stability and decoration of the Totem. 

The design choices for the plant team were based on the needs of the plants in terms of sun light, humidity and location. Also plants planted for food and medical purposes were grouped. 

The content team worked by means of this website in representing the process and the results for a wider audience. 

Totem 4.jpg

The Student's


This challenging project inspired us to have a more sustainable outlook on the impact we can make in our daily work and personal life. ​

It created awareness on the impact of global warming and climate change. Loss of biodiversity, forest fires, floods, decreasing crop produce and rising temperatures (like today it was 35 degrees). 

Totem 3.jpg

The End result

  • The Nyenrode team proudly presented the result of all their hard work!

Totem 10.jpg
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